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Our production

The Agrifresh Way

How we do it!

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking" Henry Ford.

From stringent inspection of our produce growing in the field, through processing at our state-of-the-art GFSI certified production facility, to final delivery using our dedicated fleet of refrigerated trucks, Agrifresh maintains the highest food safety standards. Everyone in our company is proud to produce the safe, wholesome food that helps feed our beloved Country.



We grow with care on farms, many of which have been with us for multiple generations. Our farming business goes back to 1928 ! 
As our primary goal is to provide healthy products, the control starts at the farms. All our items are Global G.A.P Certified, a standard designed primarily to reassure consumers about how food safety is applier on the farm by minimizing harmful environmental impacts of farming operations, reducing the use of chemical and ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and safety.

Seed saving 
Since 2019 we started harvesting our own seeds to ensure quality and consistency; we managed to do that for 70+% of our produce; rest are F1 and thus seeds cannot be harvested. Harvesting our own seeds and carefully selecting the rest, ensure best crop performance and  the transmission of desired features to future generations of plants.

Seedling production 
Using innovative mechanical and fully automated machines, we produce robust seedlings in our nurseries, ensuring uniform and close to perfection growth (98+%) and healthy plants. 

Nursery Management 
Prior to transplantation, our seedlings spend few weeks in our nursery; a firmly controlled environment that ensure that our seedlings have what it takes to grow strong and healthy.

Our advanced mechanical equipment from "FEDELE" facilitates transplantation of seedlings in both greenhouses and open fields, allowing for optimal spacing and environmental control to maximize crop yields.

Precise irrigation 
Our drip irrigation systems are cautiously calibrated to supply the exact amounts of water required by each crop, ensuring optimal growth and minimizing water wastage.

We apply a very thorough fertilization and fertigation programs to supply nutrients precisely and directly to the roots of the plants, maximizing their uptake and minimizing nutrient loss. 

Following a detailed pre-harvest assessment, our trained harvest teams carefully pick crops at their optimal maturity, using efficient techniques to ensure minimal damage and maximum freshness. In addition, All workers involved in the harvesting process are trained on personal and general hygiene requirements.



We own and manage a state-of-the-art plant including the most modern machinery, from the famous German machine Fabric KRONEN, world’s leading manufacturers of stainless-steel vegetables processing machinery. Our production facility runs fully on Solar Energy and saves more than 100,000 Liters of water thanks to the technology used and the efficient processes in place. Below is a detailed description of our product’s journey in the production facility:

All our produce gets picked and packed on the same day; Except for Potato & Onions which are harvested twice per year and stored in our own chilled fridges at our facility. Our quality team checks and validate the quality of the produce before accepting it and allowing it to enter the production facility.

Once sorted, each item has its own preparation process (Picking, Cutting, Shredding, etc.). Our machines are flexible enough to produce 10+ different cuts from the same item. Picking & Sorting are semi-automatic processes while cutting & Shredding are fully automated.

All our products are pre-washed in clean water, before moving to another washer where they are sanitized using Peracetic Acid. Water used in both washers is treated water. It gets treated with Hydrogen peroxide and Chlorine before flowing through carbon filter and softener to ensure Chlorine is removed prior to entering both washers. Using treated water ensures that the sanitizer effect is solely focusing on cleaning and sanitizing vegetables and not the water itself.

Products are dried in the most effective way to preserve quality and ensure low water content. They go through either drying tunnels, or dewatering belts, or through Spin-dryers. Each product has its own drying technique.

We use the latest technology when it comes to packaging “Modified atmosphere packaging” (MAP). MAP is a way of extending the shelf life of fresh food products. The technology substitutes the atmospheric air inside a package with Nitrogen gas to decrease its exposure to oxygen, as Oxygen leads to oxidation, which can cause discoloration, spoilage, and off-flavors and textures. Nitrogen is generated in-house through a generator that splits air into nitrogen gas, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases.

Metal & Weight detector 
After being packed, the end product will have to surmount a final test to make sure it’s ready to be delivered. We pass it through a metal and weight detector before being stored in a chilled room and allocated to a delivery crate.


Ready to Eat Vegetables
Nutritious and healthy

A wide variety of nutritious and healthy vegetables; sorted, shredded, pre-washed, sanitized & packaged using the latest technologies (MAP). With up to 7 days of shelf life, you'll waste less food, cut labor cost, ensure consistency, and secure food safety.

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Fresh Potatoes
Homegrown Agria potato

15+ different cuts available using our homegrown Agria potato. A yellow/brown skinned potato with yellow flesh. This is a potato with a thin skin and low sugar content. 

These characteristics make it the best potato for frying

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Dried Products
Natural Color and Characteristics

With our continuous multi-layer mesh belt dryer, we can produce up to 400 Kg of Dried vegetables and fruits Per hour. With this technology, vegetables/fruits keep their natural color and ensure consistent drying characteristics (e.g. Water content, texture, etc.)

Fresh Salads
Eat Fresh & Healthy

A wide variety of salads that can be customized to your needs. Ingredients are prepared daily in house and assembled in any type or size of packages. With fresh ingredients we can guarantee a long shelf life and a fresh & attractive look.

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Detox & Healthy Juices

Our vegetables & fruits are cold pressed to retain higher amounts of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, cold press juicers enable the preservation of enzymes that naturally occur in the produce, increasing the nutrient content.

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