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Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1) Where do you get your vegetables from ?

    We grow and produce more then 90+% of our items; the remaining portion is sourced from trusted farmers and producers through contract farming agreements

  • 2) Are your products Organic ?

    No, our products are not Organic, however all our products are Global GAP certified. The GLOBAL G.A.P. (Good agricultural practices) standard is primarily designed to reassure consumers about how food safety is produced on the farm by minimizing detrimental environmental impacts of farming operations, reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and safety. Finally, each batch of vegetables is tested for pesticide residue prior to harvesting.

  • 3) How do you sanitize your products ?

    Prior to sanitization, all products go through a pre-washing process using clean water, which we test in Labs on a weekly basis. Following that, we sanitize our vegetables using a liquid acidic disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. It effectively kills bacteria, yeasts and fungi. It has the same composition and effect as natural vinegar and most importantly it is volatile and thus do not leave any residues on the product. It is FAO, WHO and JCEFA food safe approved product for disinfecting vegetables.  

  • 4) Where and When do you Deliver ?

    For B2B (Restaurants, Catering companies, hotels, etc.) we deliver from Tuesday till Sunday all over Lebanon.

    As for B2C (Home Delivery through our mobile application), we cover the below regions:
    Baabda Aley District

    Zone 1 (Beirut + Baabda District) - Thursday

    Zone 2 (South Metn + Hazmieh) - Tuesday & Friday

    Zone 3 (Keserwen + North Metn) - Wednesday & Saturday