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About Us

AGRIFRESH is a new Lebanese agricultural and food industrial company that produces healthy and fresh cut vegetables under the highest international health standards (GLOBAL G.A.P; ISO 22000) using the latest technology and equipment, located in Bekaa, Zahleh , owned by eng. Mr. Georges .J Doummar.

AGRIFRESH has different farms of fertile soils in diverse regions of Lebanon stretching over 1000 hectares to plant and grow fresh vegetables.

What We Do


Agrifresh invested in a new state of the art plant including the most modern machinery, from the famous German machine Fabric KRONEN, world’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel vegetables processing machinery.
As our primary goal is to provide healthy food products, the control starts from our farms that gave us the best raw materials under the Global GA.P standards. The GLOBAL G.A.P....

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From farm till end product, all the sections are cooled to maintain the quality of the product. The factory is equipped according to the requirements of ISO 22000:2005. After receiving and sorting, the vegetables are shredded, sanitized, dried and eye inspected before being packed in a modified atmosphere bags. After these steps the end product will pass through a metal and weight detector before being...

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